Meet this week’s WCW, Zamaswazi Mokobi. Having worked with Zama in my previous life I can attest that her calm demeanour and quiet grace have a way of making the most chaotic situations completely manageable. Zama studied law at Rhodes University in South Africa and has been practicing law since 2013. She is a corporate lawyer and currently specializes in mergers and acquisitions at Bowmans in South Africa. Zama is an MBA Graduate at Wits Business School and has recently entered Mrs South Africa 2020 Competition.


1. Fun Fact about your work/ The best part of your job?

The best part about my job is that it gives me an opportunity to be part of the solution-finding process when companies and individuals are faced with complex legal issues. As a corporate lawyer, I love that this process involves my having to understand the business and commercial interests of my clients.


2. Something you wish you could change about the legal industry?

Accessibility! Legal services tend to be inaccessible to most South Africans due to the costs associated with getting legal assistance.


3. Tell us about a lawyer with a career that you admire and aspire towards? (Who is your Werk crush)

I love seeing women in law flourishing! The legal industry in South Africa is still so white male-dominated that as women in this industry we all ought to celebrate each other as we climb up the ladder, evolve and flourish in this industry. This for me is even more important when a black woman flourishes because representation is everything.

4. What role has mentorship played in your legal career, if any?

Mentorship has played an important role in my legal career whenever it has resulted from a relationship that developed naturally / organically with a mentor. I have had two mentors, each at different parts of my career, who I am still friends with and each of whom has at those points of my career contributed meaningfully to my growth by being my eyes and ears; offering different perspectives and sound advice; keeping me accountable, reminding me to think about what is important or to just step back and reassess things. Most importantly, through mentorship, I have benefited from the wisdom and experience of my mentors. It is invaluable to be guided by someone who has already gone through the same or a similar journey and is able to point out the errors that they made so that you do not have to experience them or to point out more efficient ways of achieving your goals. And even where they had not gone through a similar journey, mentorship also opened up an additional network for me to leverage from and has been an additional ear on the ground for any opportunities pertaining to my goals.


5. Describe your Werk style and do you have a “Go-To” beauty or grooming staple? (work fashion style)

Between Monday and Thursday, I am in my version of corporate wear (which is not rigidly formal but instead focuses on comfort, fit and looking professional). On these days you will always find me in heels and simple makeup. Casual Fridays are a real thing for me; the trick is always to keep it “smart casual” and not casual, so heels tend to be a staple for me.


6. A physical or spiritual practice you have adopted in the last 5 years (What self-care steps do you currently take?) (e.g. meditation, yoga, journal, eat clean, etc.)

I definitely spend more time in prayer, I work out at least 4 days a week, try to prioritize reading at least one book a month (audible has been instrumental in making this a reality!) drink lots of water and am mindful of what I eat. I also really enjoy solo dates and try to have them as often as possible to just listen to my thoughts and do some introspection.


7. The best or most worthwhile investment you have made in the last 5 years? (personal or professional life, e.g. marriage, children, studies, etc whatever you are proud of)

Marrying my best friend is the best decision I’ve made in the last few years and studying towards an MBA has been a really eye-opening value add to my growth and such a financial stretch (I cannot wait until we start to see our ROI!).

          • The role of a lawyer is listen and understand legal problems; help you to understand the law and how it applies to you and your problem, and provide sound legal advice
          • The reaction when people find out you are a lawyer For some strange reason, people then assume I have so much money!
          • In your quietest moments, what are you most grateful for… God, my husband, family (this includes my friends)
          • Expectation V Reality of a career in law since you left law school? Very little is as I expected it to be!
          • Where and how can people find you online or even offline? I am most active on Instagram (@zama_mok), you can also vote for Zama for the Mrs South Africa competition. Simply click in the link here and like Zama’s picture as well as the Mrs South Africa page (you have to like both in order for your vote to be counted.
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