Today we are catching up with Adedumade Onibokun, a Nigerian trained lawyer practicing in Lagos! He is also a fellow blogger that runs the blog The Legal Naija that shares content on all things law in Nigeria. He is also our first male WCW!


1) Your qualifications 

I studied Law at Olabisi Onabanjo University and attended Law School before proceeding to the University of Bradford where I studied an LL.M in International Business Law. Currently, I manage my law practice based in Lagos.

2) Your practice areas:

My practice areas include different aspects of corporate law including Arbitration, Mergers & Acquisitions and Finance

3) The reaction when people find out you are a lawyer:

Usually, most people will say “Nice! So if I get into trouble, I can call you?” and tell them that  “I am not the “trouble” kind of lawyer,  but the “business type of lawyer”.

While some others will give a nod and say “all lawyers are liars” or they will simply call me “D LAW”, a common name given to lawyers in Nigeria.

4) A major move in the last 5 years:

I have had a number of major moves in the last 5 years, firstly,  I started my practice in 2015 and it has been a learning curve for me all the way. Secondly, I also got married at about the same time and I have 2 amazing children, my son and daughter who are quite adorable.

Finally, although I started Legalnaija- which is Nigeria’s first online legal education platform, in 2012 it has grown tremendously within the last 5 years. This has been incredibly exciting for me!

5) Why you chose to study law:

Initially I didn’t plan to study law as I was interesting in journalism  because I had an uncle who I admired who was a practicing journalist and he would tell me stories about his work which I found fascinating. However, while discussing the  choices with my dad, he advised I pursue law instead as my mum also studied law, so my parents convinced me it was a better option.

6) Something you wish you could change about the legal industry:

One thing I would like to change is the length of time parties spend litigating. I remember while in Law School we were out on attachments to various courts and I noticed that all cases got adjourned for long periods, with no return dates for over 4 weeks. I  definitely would like to radically reduce the time spent litigating claims in court.

7) What apps do you use to increase productivity OR apps you have to turn off to increase productivity:

I find social media apps to be a good way of showing people what I do. I also find that my law blog gets a lot of traction because of my social media engagement. I love learning apps too and I usually spend some of my free time taking free online courses.


8) How do you network:

I like to network anywhere I find myself, for example, right after my university I printed complimentary cards. I think I was the only law student that had a complimentary card at the time in Law School.

I always believe every opportunity to meet new people is always a good way to network.I also ensure I attend legal and business events.

9) Whats your “Go-To” beauty staple and closet item?:

I feel naked without a good cologne, so you will always find one in different places,  like the office or in my car.

10) Describe your Werk style:

Simple and classy does it for me.

11) When stressed or overwhelmed or lost focus temporarily, what do you do to refocus:

Usually I would just take some time off work to  spend time watching a movie or relaxing with friends.

13)A physical or spiritual practice you have adopted:

Exercise. I feel great when I exercise, I recently joined a gym and I really enjoy working out and going for a swim.

14) Can you share something you are struggling with right now? 

I am becoming better at personal discipline every day.

15) The best or most worthwhile investment you have ever made? (can be time, money, energy,etc)

Starting the Blawg, Legalnaija. It has created so many opportunities for me.

16) Major goal for the next 5 years:

Grow my firm and represent my constituency as a Legislator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  

17)  Quote you live your life by:

“A cut above the rest”.

18) What books have you read that have greatly influenced your life ?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene


How can people get in touch with you:


LinkedIn: Adedunmade Onibokun


Social media handles?

@adedunmade on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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