We are excited to announce that the Legal Werk is launching a podcast. For those that are new to our platform, the Legal Werk is a network for legal professionals with the goal of building a community for lawyers, advocates, judges, legal advisors, students, and educators. The aim of the platform is to create a space for legal professionals to open up conversations, learn and share insights on ways in which we can collectively enhance and improve the legal industry through collaboration and dialogue. 

Make the Shift

Based on our own career paths, we realised that a career in law is certainly not as linear as we imagined in law school. In fact, there are so many different paths that legal professionals can choose from, be it moving in-house after years in practice, answering the call to the bar, launching your own business or even moving to academia. Having made career pivots ourselves, we noted that outside of seeing the finished product, there wasn’t a lot of information around career changes as well as and the challenges that often remain unspoken. 

The Legal Werk hopes to disrupt the status quo. Through the podcast, we hope to shed light on what the journey of change looks like. We will be interviewing incredible women within the legal industry who have “Made the Shift” successfully. Through our three pillars, Work, Lifestyle and Journey, our aim is to uplift, inspire and encourage our community members who are looking to make some personal and professional life changes. 

Our first episode is available now on Spotify and iTunes where we introduce ourselves and share a bit about our own personal journeys, click on the links to get a taste of what is to come. Our interviews with our incredible guests will be available on Spotify from the beginning of May.   

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