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So you screwed up, what now?

Picture this scenario, it is 17h30 and as you check off items on your work to-do-list you realise something is amiss, your blood suddenly runs cold as you are gripped by sheer panic. Your heart drops as the realisation sets in that you have indeed missed something that may have near-catastrophic consequences for your deal, […]


Werk Crush Wednesday: Lebo Ramokone

I met Lebo at our first  The Legal Werk Brunch and she has been a super member ever since that meeting! I am encouraged to keep doing this because of people like Lebo and seeing her Work, Lifestyle and Journey thrive from Johannesburg to London! Lebo is currently participating in the International Lawyers For Africa […]

5 Ways To Keep Clients Data Safe

In the previous post we outlined the huge challenge of cyber attacks on businesses, institutions and individuals. In order to come with solutions, we spoke to a cyber security expert – Christian Nkanyanga, the Founder and CEO of Cyber Sentinel, a Johannesburg based cyber security firm.   Companies are being hacked regularly, but what makes […]

Werk Crush Wednesday: Adedunmade Onibokun

Today we are catching up with Adedumade Onibokun, a Nigerian trained lawyer practicing in Lagos! He is also a fellow blogger that runs the blog The Legal Naija that shares content on all things law in Nigeria. He is also our first male WCW!   1) Your qualifications  I studied Law at Olabisi Onabanjo University […]

Is Your Clients’ Information Safe with You?

One of the subjects I have as part of my LLM is Delivering Legal Services Through Technology, which has become one of my favourite modules because it exposes me to the most innovative lawyers and legal tech developments. Last week we had a presentation from Littler Mendelson, which is one of the top labour and […]


Working With A**holes

I was going to title this “Working with difficult people” but it doesnt have the same sting or effect as “Working with a**holes.” According to Adam Grant, an a**hole is a person who “demeans and disrespects other people and, either denies it or just doesn’t care.” All of us have worked with someone who has […]


How Rivals Help You Level Up

Adam Grant is back with Season 2 of his podcast Work Life with Adam Grant, where he studies “how to make work not suck.” In one of the most recent episodes, he talks about how rivalries, done right, can actually create success for all parties involved. In this article, lets explore how legal professionals can […]


Free For All Law

A few days ago my left eye started to sting in the middle of the night, it felt as though something was in my eye. I woke up, looked at my reddening eye and rinsed it with warm water. The rinsing soothed it, but I as I blinked I kept feeling the foreign object. The […]