When I moved to New York I was dreading the task of finding a new place to get my brows threaded (I didn’t- I bought blades instead), and a hairdresser (I didn’t- I find a lot of DIY styles on Youtube). I was chatting with a friend, from Indonesia, who is also in New York and she spoke about missing her tailor and florist in Jakarta.


Now that we are all in quarantine, where only the essential workers are allowed to go to work, it made me wonder what are the essential services a professional woman needs to survive? Here the are top 8 essential services every woman in law needs of speed dial.


1.A Hairdresser


After you turn 25, you need to have a hairdresser, or a couple reliable options. You need a hairdresser who understands your hair texture, remembers your hair goals and you trust that, even if you fall asleep in the chair- he/she will make sure you wake up looking amazing. 


2. A Tailor 


It is fun to buy clothes, but its even better to fit them like they are made to your specific proportions- as a  short person I need to have my trousers and shirt hemmed. However a number of shops now have a Petite, Tall or Plus Sized  range which is great and inclusive- but a tailor just gives your outfit that extra nip and tuck. If you can find a tailor that is also a designer, you can work together to create outfits together and some one of a kind pieces for your work wardrobe or social events. 


3. An Accountant


You need to keep count of your coins- even if it’s Bitcoin. There is a running joke that lawyers are bad at maths, but great at money. We can earn and spend very well, but we may need someone to help us with taking stock of what is going on, plus filing our taxes. In addition, if you are planning on running your own business- a law firm or other venture- you need robust accounting services! I personally use The Finance Guy to take care of everything! If you want their family and friends rate- let us know!

4. An “Events” Organiser  

This is the list of people  or places that help you prepare for “events” or occasions.  Basically, your go-to for cakes, flowers, a good curry (if you are invited to a potluck and didn’t have time to cook), and a sommelier (even a bottle store clerk will do).


5. A Financial Planner


An accountant is step 1, but then you need a financial planner to help you grow, protect and diversify your portfolio. You want to be a good steward of your finances to establish a good legacy of wealth and, you need someone competent to guide you. We have partnered with PPS as a sponsor, and if you want to have a direct conversation with them – let us know. 


6. A Mechanic


If your car is still within the warranty terms, for the most part, you are fine- but afterwards you realise how quickly the costs add up with the dealership. There are other mechanics who are authorised dealers- and can sign off on the services to keep your service book up to date, but you need to find someone reliable. 



7. A Brand Strategist


You have a brand- whether or not you chose to acknowledge it- but when someone comes across you, there is an impression that is made so you should control that narrative. A brand strategist can help you design a brand around yourself professionally and personally- ensuring that your messaging to the world is strong, clear and aligns with your values. This may include doing something like doing a photo shoot, creating content on a blog or podcast, or writing a book. 



8. A Therapist


As a lawyer, you deal with so much- dealing with other peoples problems and the overall pressure of the profession. You need to have someone helping you to manage your own problems and learn ways to cope with the challenges that arise. Managing stress and taking care of your mental wellness is essential to how you show up to and for your clients and/ or colleagues. If you aren’t sure about therapy, perhaps look into coaching or event just having a trusted friend to confide in to keep you accountable to your development. 

Which other service providers do you qualify as being essential to you?

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